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Taurine / Cow Acid Market Analysis

2 April 2009 5,605 views No Comment

An export market at the current fire situation, the industry should pay attention to the mutation in the international market, keeping in mind the previous years, vitamin C, penicillin bulk exports such as cut-throat competition of low-cost lesson.

As the amount of large, wide use of drugs and health products taurine, the most rapid development in recent years, especially in the export market is booming and one group on the scene. However, the industry believes that the current export of our country taurine around the international market, once the international market to launch an attack, it is easy to “hang in a tree”, this situation deserves vigilance industry. Prior to the vitamins, penicillin exports caused by low-cost competition domestic enterprises, resulting in depression of the industry as a whole deep enough the lessons of history.

Bright prospects for the international market

Cow, also known as acid taurine, a sulfur amino acids, with a variety of pharmacological effects and the role of nutrition and health care. Taurine is not only a valuable Niuhuang an essential component of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the important people and animal nutrients. Taurine in the early 19th century from the first cow was isolated from bile fluid, and later mainly extracted from animal organs proceeds. The 20th century, the 50s, people start production by chemical synthesis of taurine. Because of the production of synthetic taurine production in large, low cost, is now an alternative extraction of natural resources.

Taurine at home and abroad from the biochemical, pharmacological, nutritional, clinical and other aspects of the extensive and in-depth research, agreed that it can promote infants and young children, children of brain cell differentiation, development, maintenance of cell membranes, especially the retina of normal physiological function of improve brain function, inhibition and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has an important role. More than half of the required human taurine uptake from the outside world, so good as a food additive, is now increasingly widely used in food and drink.

Relevant experts believe that a broad market prospect of taurine, a broad range of applications. Taurine on the world’s annual consumption has more than 20,000 tons, of which more than 80% additives for food and nutrition, consumer focus on the United States, Japan and other countries and regions. The latest data show that the world with annual consumption of taurine are: the United States nearly 10,000 tons, 5,000 tons in Japan, Southeast Asia, 2800 tons, 1500 tons in Europe, countries and regions in other parts of the world total of about 2000 tons.

The United States is the world’s production and consumption of taurine The largest country, its application has been initially oriented to the medicinal food additives and nutrition-based health care products have become popular consumer goods. At present, the United States, Japan and other countries have expressly provides that infants and children must be added taurine in food.

Taurine production as a result of a labor-intensive industries, the high cost of foreign labor force, coupled with low yield and high cost, therefore, developed countries do not pay attention to the production of taurine, which mainly import-oriented consumption, and our country are well-developed Taurine country’s main exporter. China’s exports of the countries and regions of taurine by the size of exports followed by the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, Korea, and another small amount of exports to Africa.

Extensive pattern of the cycle is inevitable

Taurine our country began in the 20th century, industrial production 80’s. 1981 Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the pharmaceutical factory in Changchun City Chuncheng taurine collaboration successfully developed and put into industrial production. Synthesis of taurine as a result of a relatively simple process, and the “three degrees” of less polluting, easy to mount.

At present, manufacturers of taurine from the 20th century at the end of the 80’s to 10 more than the growth of more than 40, one of the approval of holders of pharmaceutical production taurine symbol manufacturer has 20, and also at 20 chemical plants production, production technology are the use of ethanolamine law, the total annual production capacity of about 20,000 tons, annual output is about 4000 tons, of which 90% are for export, accounting for 5% of medicinal, food additives, 5%, very few domestic consumption .

Taurine production of raw materials because of easy to get simple process, small investment, the majority of export products for small and medium-sized enterprises launched, so many small and medium enterprises are optimistic about the product, have been investing in the development of new production line of taurine, and even some of the economic strength of the township enterprises is not strong this market is also good “fat.” Extensive pattern of production, so that our country since the start of production of taurine in 1981 after 20 years, production and sales situation in the country has experienced several ups and downs, the market will be repeated every three or four years, “the increased demand – Expand production – Market saturation – Price drop – Production shrinking “of the cycle. The main reason there is this vicious circle of weak domestic demand, export disruption, and taurine to rely on exports of the main “hang in a tree” approach, the fate of others is in our hands. Such as 1998, because of the Asian financial crisis, weak export taurine, taurine our country’s main export regions – Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries the demand for taurine greatly reduced and the prices have been falling, so that taurine blocked export of our country, export prices from a peak of 30 yuan per kg to 13 dropped to 15 yuan, the situation appears a loss of production, resulting in 80% of the domestic manufacturers to stop production of taurine. Since 2000, improved the economic situation in Asia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries of taurine increased demand for foreign goods to be enthusiastic, In addition, Japan has a large manufacturing plant shortly before the production of taurine, taurine so that my country exports continued to hot, the production plants are operating at full capacity, overtime production.

In view of this situation, the industry pointed out that when the manufacturers export sales is bound to low-price competition, if the export disruption, the fate of companies are difficult. To this end, taurine market must be “internal and external connections,” from the expansion of export markets and expand both domestic consumption, bigger, and stronger product taurine.

A weak domestic market

“Unbalanced” in my country taurine industry, need to take “another one of his legs”, that is, to vigorously develop the domestic market. At present, the effect of taurine in the international arena has been widely used in milk, dairy products, drinks, tonic, complex monosodium glutamate and certain foods, and gradually extended to the agriculture, aquaculture, chemical industry and other fields. According to statistics, the United States and Japan more or less developed countries, the consumption structure are: food additives, nutrition, health care products accounted for 98.7%, pharmaceuticals accounted for 0.6%, other 0.7%, and mass consumption of food additives also increase the proportion. In that sense, our country is an enormous potential market: there are nearly 13 million population, 3.8 million children, if there is one of 1 / 3 of the children make up 300 grams of taurine per year, this alone would need to be near 40,000 tons . In Japan, children with taurine at a per capita annual consumption of more than 500 grams.

In addition to developing the application of the weak link in the domestic market, weak taurine Another factor is not enough publicity, taurine as if “no one raised awareness in purdah,” a lot of consumers do not know what taurine, but not many also know that the role of taurine. Enterprises should be noted that, with the people’s living standards and improve levels of consumption, Taurine as a nutritional health products and food additives to strengthen the future will gradually be food and drink producers and consumers recognize and accept that domestic enterprises should not be ignored this big market potential.

If the eyes blindly stare at the international market, the use of low-cost way of export competitiveness, it will inevitably repeat the mistakes of the ups and downs. Moreover, the current domestic production of taurine the large number of small scale production, low technological content, most manufacturers of the total yield of taurine only about 52 percent, near its cost of production yield (49%), cause high production costs, low economic efficiency. It is clear that the level of process technology behind the lack of domestic enterprises in international market competition ability to resist risks. Therefore, efforts to expand the domestic market at the same time, but also to enhance the competitiveness of the industry as a whole in order to avoid disorderly competition in the long-term errors.

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