1.Excellent preservative properties

Sorbic Aicd(Potassium Sorbate) can restrain effectiverly the activity of mould .yeast and

Aerophile bacteria.Restrain growth and reproduction of the pernincious microoraganism as

Pseudomonas.Staphy lococcus Salmonella Action to restrain growth is more powerful than

Killing,Meanwhile, it can not restrain useful microoraganism growth as Anaerobic spore-bearing

Bacilli,Acidoophil Therefore to lengthen food store period and remain food original flavor.The

Preservative efficiency of Sorcbic Acid (potassium Sorbate)is 5~10time sodium benzoate.

2.Hight Safety

SorbicAcid |(Potassium Sorbate) is one kind of nonsuturated fatty acid-compounds.It can

Be absorbed by human body rapaidly, thendecomposed into co2 and H2O,more over no remaining in body

ADI 0-25mg/kg(based on Sorbic Acid Fao/WHO 1994)

LD50 4920(FDA,182.3640.1994)

It is toxicity only 1/2times table salts and 1/40times sodium benzoate.

3.Good stability

Sorbic Acid (Potassium Sorbate)is stable in steale steale status,will not be decomposed until270℃。It will beoxidizd into colored ones and absorbing moisture in case exposed in air for a long time.

4.Wide application

At the moment Sorbic Acid (Potassium Sorbate)has been used extensively in tkkd,drink,vegetable in soy,tobacco drugs,cosmetics,agricultural products,forage and other domain.It is application should be wide and wide in the world.As acidic preservative, Sirbic Acid(Potassium Sorbate)is also used well in neutral food ,(PH6.0-605),The preservative efficiency of sodium of sodium of sodium benzoate will decrease clearly and havea bed taste while ph﹥4.

5.Application flexibility

Sorbic Acid (Potassium Sorbate)can be used by dirdect adding,spraying,retting,dry

Spraying,using in packing material and other method.

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