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Form the majority of the use of food additives sodium

20 April 2009 1,035 views No Comment

Chatham for Barilla’s cases, 100 to eat not tire, is the vast majority of the basic taste flavor compound. Salt can not be separated from the majority of dishes, hot and sour flavor, sweet and sour taste, such as by adding an appropriate amount of salt should only taste delicious. Mainly come from the salty salt, soy sauce, miso, tempeh also become salty because the salt content of the spices, salt is sodium chloride, sodium and chlorine are essential nutrients the human body. If the lack of sodium the body will feel tired and weak, or even death. However, long-term excessive intake of salt may be induced by high blood pressure, high blood pressure has become a health hazard of the common diseases of older persons in our country. Health
Under normal circumstances, we will not lack of sodium, because each person will take about 2 grams of salt a day is sufficient to satisfy the needs of health. According to the survey, however, the Chinese daily salt intake of up to 10 grams or more in some places as high as 20 grams, which is far beyond the requirements of the human body.

In addition, modern processing, the sodium content in food have become more sophisticated, most of the various food additives in order to use the sodium salt form, such as flavor ingredients dose of monosodium glutamate MSG, preservatives are sodium benzoate, cakes and bread plus sodium bicarbonate and so on. Of these substances is not clear salty, people often unknowingly an overdose of sodium intake. Therefore, nutrition scholars have been urging everyone to reduce salt intake. World Health Organization recommends that the amount of salt per person per day not more than 6 grams, Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents asking people to eat light meals少盐. Hypertension and renal failure patients should be low-salt diet.


This is the first taste of love, just like babies sweet only because the mother’s milk with a hint of sweetness. With the growth of people gradually learn to accept other flavor. From the natural sweetness of sugar, cooking is the main sweetener used in sugar refining, is one of the body’s energy material. However, excessive sugar, easily converted into fat in the body, causing elevated blood lipids and obesity, increasing the burden on the pancreas, easy to eat too many sweets cause tooth decay. The elderly, especially in diabetic patients should not be too much refined sugar intake, that is, eat less sugar-rich sweet cakes, sweet drinks.

It is worth noting that widely used in industrial processing of food (eg beverages) in the synthetic sweeteners such as saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, etc., are not essential nutrients for good health, long-term excessive intake may would be harmful. Of diabetes can be appropriately selected patients with sweetener instead of sugar in order to enjoy the pleasure of sweetness.

Health tips

Sour food from organic acids, due to dissociation of hydrogen ions and was sour. The main diet of organic acids are acetic acid, malic acid, citric acid, lactic acid and so on, so are basically used condiment vinegar (or acetic acid) as well as ketchup. Vinegar can promote digestion and enhance the diet, inhibition of pathogens and breeding, and can help dissolve food and absorption of minerals, protection from heat damage multivitamin.

If you do notsoup bones, bone calcium dissolved in the soup it is difficult, there is no effect of calcium supplementation, ifadding vinegar, then increasesoup, soup bonesis the Jiapin calcium. Cooking heart of vitamin C when a large loss due to heat, but the loss of little fried tomatoes, because tomatoes are acidic, can protect the vitamin C.cooking, mixcold dish, sweet and sour ribs, sweet and sour fish, vinegar, eggs are good dietary habits, cardiovascular disease are advised more than vinegar, but gastric acid secretion in ulcer patients should not be too much to eat too much acid food, so as not to damage the digestive tract.

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