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China to tighten food additive regulations

25 April 2010 3,140 views No Comment

THE Chinese ministry of health has issued six new regulations on the use of artificial additives in food.


The new, stricter regulations also cover the approval of food additives. According to Chinese state newspaper China Daily, new food additives will only be approved for use if it can be shown that they are absolutely necessary for food production and if they pass tests set by the ministry to determine if they are safe for human consumption. Additives already approved will face reassessment.


The regulations forbid the use of additives which mislead consumers as to the quality or content of food. Additives must not be used to disguise decaying food, and food producers must use the minimum possible quantities of additives. The use of additives which reduce the nutritional value of the food has also been banned.


The new regulations follow a series of food scares in China, including the addition of melamine to sub-standard milk powder and the use of quicklime in flour bleaching agents.

by Helen Tunnicliffe

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