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Product name: Vanillin
Product Category: Food and Feed Additives
Cas No.: 121-33-5
EINECS NO: 204-465-2
Formula: C8H8O3
Structure Formula:

M.W.: 152.15
Date of expiry: 2 years(under suitable storage condition)
STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place, in securely closed original container.
PACKAGING: Packing in 0.5 or 1 Kg tins, 25Kg cartons or 50 Kg iron drums
Characters AP PEA RA NC E: White or slightly yellow crystalline needles or powder.
CO LO UR : Aromatic,of vanilla.
ME L T ./FRE E Z . POINT (°C, in te rval ): mp. 81- 83°C
SOLUB IL ITY DESCR IPTION: Slightly soluble in water.
FL AS H PO INT (°C ): 17 2°C
Main Uses: Vanillin is one of the important flavors with a dense of sweet cream odor. It is widely used in confectionary, ice cream, beverage, cake, chocolate, bread, biscuit, cigarette, wine and feedstuff well as in cosmetic, and in perfuming of rubber, plastic and other products. It is also used in medicine pharmaceutical, electroplate and other industries and used as chemical reagent.

Note: The quality of our Vanillin meets international standards such as:GB3861, BP, FCC, USP.



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