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New Lowell European-Style Yogurts Win Raves from Critics and the Food Media

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Uncommon Creaminess and Vibrant Fruit Flavors Inspire Foodies to Think of
Yogurt as a Spoonful of Healthy Indulgence

FRANKLIN PARK, Ill., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — The food world is taking a whole
new look at yogurt.  Once thought of as a product to be eaten only because
it’s good for you, rather than because it tastes good, critics and the media
have had their eyes opened wide by the new line of Lowell European Classic(TM)
Yogurts launched at the Fancy Food Show in New York in June. 

(Photo:  http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20090909/CL72018)

The all-natural, probiotic yogurts are produced by Lowell International Foods,
a premium specialty food importer and producer.  The company conducted over 60
one-on-one guided tastings with food experts and journalists at the show and
their feedback speaks for itself.

“We are delighted and frankly humbled by the accolades that our yogurt has
received from people who are quite knowledgeable about food,” said Conrad J.
Lowell, President & CEO, Lowell International Foods.  “It’s been our mission
to create a healthy and delicious product that people will eat for pleasure,
not out of a joyless sense of obligation.  I think we have succeeded.”

Phil Lempert, Editor-in-Chief, supermarketguru.com and New Product
Correspondent on ABC News Now and the food trends editor and correspondent for
NBC’s “Today Show”:

“This product is a HIT!  Here’s a new combination – yogurt with pieces of
fruit, whole grains, probiotics and you can actually taste the yogurt.  What I
do love is that it lists the bacterial cultures by name.  This is so much
better than so many of the yogurts on the shelves today.”

Bob Lape, New York City Restaurant Critic and WCBS-AM “Dining Diary” Radio
Show Host:

“Lowell Yogurts were a real eye and mouth-opener–this exciting newcomer is as
suave and compelling as The Continental, rich, creamy and loaded with
full-flavored European fruit and farm fresh Wisconsin dairy milk.”

Dan Glickberg, Executive Vice President, Fairway Market:

“We offer so many products in my stores that in order for us to take on a new
product it absolutely has to be a stand out and Lowell’s European-Style
Yogurts fit the bill.  They are thick and creamy and I can honestly tell you
that I have never before seen a product like their multi-grain yogurt.  I eat
yogurt every morning for breakfast and my new yogurt of choice is Lowell’s.

Cathy Riva, President of Riva Events, Entertaining Expert and Frequent Guest
on NBC’s “Today Show”:

“Who knew such amazing taste could come in such a small container? Lowell
Yogurt is re-inventing the dairy market with this delicious, creamy,
Multi-Grain yogurt.  The best part, my two-year-old loves it.  It is a
must-have on your next grocery list.”

Francine Cohen, Editor-in-Chief, Food & Beverage Magazine: 

“Though I am generally not a yogurt lover, this brand has changed my mind!  I
found the custardy Lowell European-Style Yogurt so much more enjoyable than
what we’ve been spooning down forever.All of the versions, including the
non-fat flavors, offer a satisfyingly silky mouth feel.  This full fruit
flavor is exceptionally appealing and Lowell’s success can surely be chalked
up to the perfect combination of rich creaminess and intensely natural fruit
flavors that permeate every bite.  In my opinion, it’s these lush round fruit
flavors hitting your mouth (especially the peach) that make it crave-worthy.
The moment I see this on the shelf at my grocery store I’m buying it. 

Kim Brittingham, Blogger, Kimwrites.com (who became a yogurt fan while
traveling in France and even took to smuggling some back in her suitcases): 

“As a kid, my mother couldn’t get me to eat yogurt. As an adult, it seemed
like something I ‘should’ eat rather than something I wanted to eat. But when
I sampled Lowell’s European-Style Yogurt, I couldn’t believe it — it was like
the French yogurts I missed so much, only better.  It made me want to eat
yogurt every day.  When I bit into the fruit pieces, there was a taste
explosion — the freshest peach or cherry or blueberry you could imagine
flooding your mouth.  The grains in the multi-grain yogurt are chewy, and
there’s just enough of them to give you something satisfying to press between
your teeth as you enjoy the rich, sweet and creamy yogurt against your

Barbara Angelakis, Editor, LuxuryWeb Magazine:

“The Lowell European-Style Yogurts are far more rich and creamy-tasting than
the yogurts currently available in the marketplace.  An added bonus is that
the yogurt is good for you–it’s probiotic and has live cultures–and it
tastes great, with its huge variety of real fruit flavors sourced directly
from Europe.”

Linda Glaser, Editor at Product Alert Magazine:

“The Lowell European-Style Yogurt is so smooth, delicate, and flavorful that
it makes you forget you’re eating an all-natural product that’s good for you!
 You think you are having a delicious dessert!  And let’s face it. . .who
doesn’t like dessert?” 

Barbara Seelig Brown, Host of Stress Free Cooking on AMGTV.tv, CoLoursTV.org
and HeritageTV.com; Cookbook Author-Freelance Food/Wine Writer:

“With Lowell European-Style Yogurts, you will experience, something
exceptionally rich and creamy, unlike any other yogurt you have eaten.  These
yogurts will get you interested in making yogurt part of your daily diet.
Whether you desire everyday flavors such as Peach, Strawberry, and Blueberry
or unusual flavors such as Black Currant or Plum, Lowell yogurts fit perfectly
into the well stocked Stress-Free fridge.”

Lowell European-Style Yogurts are distinctively creamy, all-natural probiotic
yogurts.  Made using a proprietary European recipe that took two years to
develop, they marry nature-ripened fruits sourced in Europe with farm-fresh,
rBST-free milk from Wisconsin.  They are available in both non-fat and whole
milk in eight vibrant fruit flavors that include black currant, plum,
strawberry, raspberry, peach, blueberry, vanilla and cherry.  A plain yogurt
is available in whole milk as well.  The company also offers a Multi Grain(TM)
version in six fruit flavors–apple/pear, plum, strawberry, apricot, raspberry
and peach. 

All of the Lowell yogurts contain active live-cultures, including
Bifidobacterium and L. Acidophilus which both support immunity and healthy
digestion.  These European cultures, together with L. Bulgaricus, S.
Thermophilus and a carefully crafted formula, give the Lowell yogurts their
pleasing tanginess and velvety texture.  Lowell European-Style Yogurts are
free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives and retail at a suggested
price of $1.49/6 oz. container.

Headquartered in Franklin Park, Ill., Lowell International Foods is a premium
specialty food importer and producer.  The company, which was founded in 1993,
markets 2,500 products from Europe and sells 300 items under the Lowell label.
 Its business philosophy is to exclusively carry and produce “best of
category” items.  Led by entrepreneur Conrad J. Lowell, the company recently
launched its premium line of Lowell European Classic(TM) Yogurts that brings
the creamy texture and vibrant, natural fruit flavors of European-style yogurt
to the American consumer.  Lowell International Foods is a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Lowell International Co.  For more information, please visit
SOURCE  Lowell International Foods

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+1-646-752-1526 (cell), hanna@hannaleecommunications.com
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