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Methyl Acetoacetate

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Product name: Methyl Acetoacetate
Product Category: Pharmaceutical and Pesticide Intermediates
Cas No.: 105-45-3
EINECS NO: 203-299-8
Structure Formula:

M.W.: 116.12
Date of expiry: 15 months
STORAGE: Keep tightly closed. Keep away from heat and open flame.
PACKAGING: Packing in 220kg/plastic drum
Characters Colorless transparent liquid with aromatic smell. Easy soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, dissolved in 2 parts water. It presents dark red when mixed with ferric chloride. Relative density: 1.0762 g/ml(20 / 4 ℃), melting point: -80 ℃, boiling point: 169-171 ℃(micro-decomposition), refraction (nD20): 1.418, flash point: 70 ℃.
Main Uses: The product is used as one of composition of fibrin ether ester mixed solvent, also can be used in pesticide, medicine, dyes, pigments, molecules stabilizing agent in organic synthesis.




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