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Fat and you – things are not compatible!

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What we really mean when we use the term «cellulite»? What is it? How do we acquire it? And how to get rid of it?

What is wrong?
With regard to the definition of cellulite opinions diverge. Some physiologists relate cellulite to secondary sexual characteristics. Some beauticians call cellulite a disease. Most doctors believe that cellulite is purely a cosmetic flaw, which is not necessarily to fight with.

Cellulite – is skin condition, unique to women. Men, even full and loose, do not have cellulite. Special structure of woman’s skin and its high elongation, designed by nature for bearing a child, makes woman’s skin vulnerable.

Scientists believe that cellulite appears due to a peculiar reaction of adipose tissue on female sex hormones. Cellulite not in vain selects reproductively important areas – abdomen, thighs, buttocks. It usually develops between the ages of 20 to 25 years. Skin of abdomen, thighs, buttocks, shoulders, lateral surfaces of trunk becomes rough, with age skin prominence is gradually increasing.

Cellulitis can be found very easily. Squeeze skin of thigh with both hands, if you see a specific type of «orange skin», this is the first sign of cellulite. Treatment of cellulite requires a very serious approach. This is a disease, which need to be treated.

Following factors contribute to cellulite development: hereditary predisposition, age-related changes, hormonal imbalance, reduced function of thyroid gland, disruption of pancreas, violation of circulation in adipose tissue, metabolic disease and water-salt metabolism, excess weight, hypodynamia, bad ecology, pollution, unhealthy diet, frequent stress.

Heredity is the key in development of cellulite. Cellulite is inherited on female line – from mother to daughter. Therefore, a girl should first look closely at her mother, grandmother and other relatives on female line – and create projection as for cellulite.

The second major factor in development of cellulite – age. In childhood there is no cellulite and skin is smooth, tender, and even in all areas of the body. In youth skin is in good tone, cellulite can be expressed very weakly. But with age skin loses its elasticity, peripheral lymph and blood circulation deteriorate, hormonal profile changes and, of course, cellulite develops vigorously.

Women with extra weight suffer from cellulite more often, and with age it becomes more visible. But this is not a general rule – cellulite not always accompanies full women: slender sport women also sometimes have pronounced cellulite.

But there is one important factor contributing to development of cellulite – common to all women. This is a game with weight: lost weight-gained weight. Unfortunately, this factor is often ignored.

Literally every woman knows now the fact that cellulite is a cosmetic flaw, which must be tackled. Salons offer a lot of procedures, eliminating “orange peel” and “riding-breeches.” Let’s try to look into this.

How to prevent cellulite?
One cannot completely get rid of cellulite and prevent its development. But one can suspend its strengthening and manifestations! The first and most important tool – a healthy menu.

Friends of cellulite – fried food, fatty meat, poultry with skin, ham, sausage, smoked products, pickles, refined carbohydrates, rich pastries, cakes with cream.

Avoid eating substitutes for meals with “artificial” additives – dyes, flavors and taste imitators. Reduce consumption of bold-dairy products.

Raw vegetables (especially lettuce and cabbage), greens, legumes, fruits, cereals, porridge on water, fish, seafood, vegetable oils hinder development of cellulite.

Reduce consumption of strong alcoholic drinks and coffee, carbonated cola beverages. Drink more water! Water – the easiest way to clear organism from slags. Dry wines (particularly red and pink) are recommended in small quantities (150 g / day). Fresh fruit and vegetable juices or herbal teas are good and useful (you can sweeten thwm with a spoon of honey). Carrot, beet, cucumber, apple, cabbage, orange and celery juices are actively used in elimination of cellulite. There is even an entire program based on their integrated application.

Methods of combat with the enemy
Among anti-cellulite oils they especially appreciate: grapefruit (10 drops), geranium (8), bergamot (10), cinnamon (3), muscat (5). The number of each is given per 1 teaspoon of foundation, i.e. almond oil. However, as a basis, solution for massage, you can use cream or body milk. The only condition – they must not contain mineral oil, which creates a film, thereby blocking penetration of active substance in skin.

Avoid smoking! First, nicotine destroys vitamin C, which influences skin and connective tissues. Secondly, nicotine prevents proper blood circulation, which impairs metabolism at cellular level. So smoking creates ideal conditions for formation of cellulite.

Do not wear tight clothes and shoes at very high heels – this breaches peripheral circulation. It is very harmful to stay in the same position for a long, especially standing.

It is necessary to lead an active way of life, arrange massage, monitor and treat skin. Use each opportunity to take a walk. One hour a day is enough. Morning exercises are an ideal variant. Thus, you will get a recuperation for the whole day.

Daily contrasting shower helps improve blood circulation. During shower rub body with a brush, a stiff mitt or sponge. If you can not take a shower, just rub the body with same brush or sponge. This also has positive effect on blood flow. Visit sauna or bath regularly.

The more nervous you get – the better it is for cellulite. If you learn the art of relaxation and will use it to reduce tension, relax all parts of body and recover from resulting stress – it will be a kind of barrier to development of cellulite.

Massage with cupping glass

Among popular means there is a very curious way of massage with help of cupping glass. It is done this way:
– apply massage oil on skin
– take cupping glass
– make a wick: Coil cotton wool on a needle or stick, impregnate with spirit and set afire
– enter a burning fuse in the neck of a bank, unplug it and push the bank to skin in the right place
– immediately, without waiting until skin is lured into a bank and gets pink, apply bank through the body by continuous, slow and circular motions.

This creates a certain vacuum, which as if draws off cellulite.

Complex programs
Integrated anti-cellulite program is most efficient, it includes external impact and reception of food additives inside. Now they offer a lot of cellulite products for internal use (tablets, capsules, tea) and external (soaps, gels, creams, scrubs, peeling, dirts). All these drugs are effective against a background of proper nutrition and gymnastic exercises.

The most effective combination – anti-cellulite gym complex with anti-cellulite creams + diet + food additives. Such a massive attack on cellulite on all fronts makes cellulite retreat – and skin is gradually softened.

Scrubs and peelings, removing died cells, contribute to saturation of tissues with oxygen, resulting in increased energy, reduced stagnation phenomenon.

A method of massage is also popular. Its different types help to ease stagnant phenomena and provide lymph drainage: manual massage and hard massage – pneumo-massage and vacuum massage. If you massage skin prone to cellulite regularly, it will inevitably cause changes for the better: skin becomes elastic, circulation is improved.

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