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[4 Sep 2009 | No Comment | 2,029 views]
Foods for Smarter Brain

When we plan our diet charts, we generally focus on the nutrients required for the well-being of our body. But have you ever though of a diet that can enhance your memory by increasing your brain power? Your brain is actually influenced by your food intake. So if you desire a smarter brain, you need to eat the right stuff.
Iron and Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Iron ensures adequate flow of oxygen throughout your body. Thus, your brain needs iron rich foods to get the oxygen power that is essential for its …

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[4 Mar 2009 | No Comment | 3,862 views]
Risk Management Essential for China’s Food Safety

  BEIJING — China should strengthen risk management to ensure food safety, according to a blue paper issued here Monday by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  The country’s risk management system focuses on evaluating biological, chemical and physical dangers that may exist in food and food additives.
  In last year’s milk scandal, melamine-tainted baby milk powder produced by Sanlu was found to have caused the deaths of at least six children and sickened some 300,000 children.
  According to the paper, the results of risk assessing should be an important scientific basis for monitoring …

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[1 Mar 2009 | No Comment | 1,850 views]
China, Japan work on food trade

Japan used to be the biggest export destination for Chinese food products. But 2008 saw significant slide in trade volume due to a series of food safety incidents. The two sides are working on how to turn things around.
China exported food products worth 6-and-a-half billion US dollars in 2008 to Japan, an 11 percent drop from the year before. Some products fell more than 50 percent.
Over 40 percent of China’s food exports used to go to its neighbor, and this fell to 20 percent, the lowest in decades.

Japan used to be the biggest export destination for Chinese
food products.

China acknowledges food …

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[23 Feb 2009 | No Comment | 1,931 views]
Eat For $12 A Week

EAT CHEAPER AND EAT BETTER.  From FoodMatters Documentary contributor Dr. Andrew Saul.

Completely worth the 10 minutes read!!

If you had to dig into your pocket a little to pay your internet service provider this month, this page could help you get your investment back several times over. When I say, “eat well”, I mean “eat healthfully,” not “eat elaborately“. Eating healthfully means a complete but meatless diet of inexpensive, whole foods.  It also means a good tasting, simple diet that you can live with – and will live better with – every day. You …