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[1 Mar 2010 | 3 Comments | 59,595 views]
Potassium sorbate is used to preserve products such as canned foods.


Potassium Sorbate is a naturally occurring potassium salt that is used extensively in food preservation. When potassium sorbate is dissolved in water, it ionizes to form sorbic acid, which is effective against numerous micro-organisms such as molds, yeasts and bacteria. It is widely used in preserving margarine, yogurt, pie fillings, icings, baking mixes, cheeses, icings, salted fish, fruit products and other foods that come in packages. Potassium sorbate has been cleared for use and approved as a food preservative by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can easily …

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[4 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 9,673 views]

How to brew honey mead, short and sweet.
Honey Mead
** 15 lbs of honey in 5 gallon batch makes good sweet but 20 lbs of honey is like cotton candy. I like to use the pasteurized processed clover honey from Sam’s Wholesale club or Wal-Mart. I’ve tried different honey with varying result. The honey makes a dramatic difference in the body and flavor of your mead. Pasteurized and processed honey negates the need for campden tablets as long as you’re not putting in anything else that may be contaminated with bacteria. …

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[1 Sep 2009 | 5 Comments | 310,869 views]

Ácido sórbico sorbato de potasio Contacto de Ventas

Persona de contacto:

Mr.Yang Jun





E-mail :


MSN :billycrazy@live.com  SKYPE:billycrazy2008

Add: Fangjia Road, Yuyao City, Ningbo,Zhejiang ,China.P.C.: 315476


El Sorbato de Potasio impide la aparición de moho y manchas, evita el enranciamiento, el desdoblamiento microbiano de grasas y la saponificación.
La margarina puede conservarse en la fase grasa o en la acuosa, se recomienda agregar entre un 0,03 a 0,06 % de ácido sórbico a la primera y un 0,03 % de Sorbato de Potasio a la segunda. Se puede realizar la conservación sólo a través de la fase acuosa, siendo la dosis recomendada 0,06 a 0,12 % de Sorbato de Potasio en relación con …