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2009 China Food Safety Summit Forum held in Shenzhen

31 August 2009 110,855 views 3 Comments

Nanfang Wang News 2009 ‘China (Shenzhen) Food Safety Summit, on August 28, 2009 -29 held in Shenzhen. The forum is organized by Guangdong Provincial Light Industry Association, Guangdong Province, Society of Food Science sponsored Institute of Standardization in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Food Association. The holding of this forum is designed to “Food Safety Law,” the implementation of the main line, to further strengthen and enhance the food industry and corporate responsibility, mobilize the whole community together to build food safety system, and the building of a harmonious society.

 Forum around the interpretation of “Food Safety Law,” corporate responsibility and as a food additive safety assessment and standards development, food safety testing instruments and equipment in areas such as thinking, exchange of views and discussions. This is divided into: Summit, seminars, food industry, high-tech products and technology exhibition number of points. Among them, “food additives, the direction of development at home and abroad” “Curing the safety of meat than the quasi-” and “Baking food safety” as important issues.

 There are nearly a hundred food companies in this forum signed a “strengthening corporate responsibility, to ensure food security commitments written proposal.”

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